Trailer: “Nina And The Bum”

Trailer: “Nina And The Bum”
Date Of Production: 08/09/2003
Director: Colin

This Wasteland movie features a film that we shot for a BBC television special on shooting adult content. A delightful bdsm fantasy role play adventure starring Wasteland favorites Nina and Rick.  The story unfolds as Nina is coming home from her office job and comes across a bum living behind a dumpster.  He asks her for a handout, and as she is giving it to him, he grabs her, ties her up and leads her to a storage garage.  After suspending her from the rafters, he cuts her clothes off, flogs and paddles her, than takes her to the floor for some rough sex.  As a bonus feature to this film, we have included an alternate plot which starts out the same, but at a key moment, Nina turns the tables on the bum, ties him up, dominates him and then has rough sex with him.  As this film was shot for British Television use, it is not in widescreen HD format, but we have provided you with a very high resolution broadcast quality version for your viewing pleasure.

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