“Lucinda’s Confessions” Blooper Reel

From our original movie, “Lucinda’s Confession”, available on DVD from Spanking Epics.
Date Of Production: 02/20/2005
Director: Colin

Plot Synopsis: Lucy Myers is bored. Writing for a New England travel journal is “just a job” and articles about blueberry picking, church steeples, and muffins doesn’t offer much variation. What Lucy wants to write – she confesses to her friend – is something hot and kinky. Like a fantasy about a young woman who gets turned over to an “uncle” and all sorts of deliciously naughty and erotic things happen to her. Late that night, when the newsroom is dark and quiet, Lucy begins – and what a fantasy it is…  Lucy becomes Lucinda, and whisked back to Edwardian times, as soon as she is introduced into her new life, she finds that things are going to be very different for her.

Director’s Note: Following the success of our first feature length film, Wasteland took on the complex script and stiry of “Lucinda’s Confession”.  Another, as our editor calls the, “time travel and bloomer flix”, Lucinda’s Confession was a delight to shoot as it involved Victorian period sets and costumes and a very enthusiastic cast that gave it 110% in every acting and domestic discipline scene.

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