“Being Keith Jones” Blooper Reel

Blooper and Behind-The Scenes Reel from our “Being Keith Jones” spanking time-travel trilogy.
DVD is now available from Spanking Epics.
Date Of Production: 07/24/2005 through 08/17/2005
Director: Colin

Synopsis: Keith Jones has a spanking obsession. It’s interfering with his ability to have a “modern” relationship, so he decides he needs to do something about it. He’s been recommended to Erica Scott, who uses hypnosis and past life regression to get to the root of her clients’ problems. She’s a bit taken aback when she learns that Keith’s problem is that he likes to “spank women’s bottoms,” but she agrees to try to help him, through past life regression, uncover the “roots” of his problem, In this trilogy of feature length films, with Erica’s help, Keith travels back in time to explore his spanking roots. Shot on location, with professional costuming, in digital format, and with Dolby Surround Sound.

Director’s Note: With the success and critical acclaim for our first feature films, “The Vacation”, and “The Schoolmaster’s Revenge”, Wasteland decided to up the ante and produce a large scale Trilogy of feature films involving past life regression and time travel, all centered around one of our favorite actors, Keith Jones. Bethanie produced 3 major scripts which totaled 175 scenes,  18 principal and supporting actors, 43 sets and location, 117 costume changes and called for crane shots, track and dolly shots, special effects, stunts and other Hollywood standard film elements.  After a year of pre-production, we traveled to Northern Virgina  for what seemed an eternity of shooting in the oppressive heat of summer, complete with catering, cast transportation vans, production assistants and literally a truckload of props, sets, furniture and costumes.  The results, after a year in post-production and editing resulted in three very finely crafted feature films set in modern day Virginia, Puritan New England and the Wild Wild West, complete with horses and rowdy saloons.  Quite the project indeed!

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