Trailer: “Playing With Dolls”

Trailer: “Playing With Dolls”
Date Of Production: 08/29/2008
Director: Skye

Every man in his wildest dreams would love a woman that was just a living, breathing, fuck doll. A toy for him to manipulate as he wished, in any way he wanted. Jonny is living this dream with his Slave Debby. He even uses her to hold up a painting in a corner…completely dehumanizing her. But shes good for many more things than simply a piece of decoration or furniture. Her vacant eyes stare blankly ahead even as he licks her face like a predator. After giving her a bit of a beating, he decides to test her and bring her to orgasm…she begins moaning…moving of her own volition…and even has the audacity to have an orgasm and drop her Master’s Glass! More training is obviously required…

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