Cast Interview: Daisy Duxe and Rob Gadling

An interview with Wasteland BDSM players, Daisy Duxe and Rob Gadling
Date Of Production: 04/13/2009
Director: Skye

Director’s Note: We have worked with Both Daisy and Rob for years and they are among our favorite people, both as players, and as friends. It all started with casting them in our feature film, “The Diary”, in which they played a Victorian period British couple and, to our amazement, Daisy, a born-and-bred American “Southern Belle” arrived with a perfectly cultured British accent that she had been working on with a coach for months in preparation for filming with us. Rob, being British, loved this “touch of home” and the chemistry between them was instant and the sexual spark blinding. We have had them back many times since over the years and whatever the scene, they are dynamic and powerful presences in front of the camera.

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