Trailer: “The Slave Auction”

Trailer: “The Slave Auction”
Date Of Production: 05/19/2009
Director: Colin

In this feature, Wasteland holds its monthly slave auction in which the highest bidder can buy a female submissive and put her through her paces in front of an audience!  After a lively round of bidding on a very pretty Italian slave, Johnny wins the auction and is invited on stage to play with his new prize while the other bidders cheer him on.  The poor girl doesn’t speak a word of English, but that doesn’t hold her back from protesting loudly in Italian as Johnny restrains her wrists from above and proceeds to punish her with a good cropping, painful hot wax on the breasts and thighs, nipple clamps, followed up by some pussy play that brings her to a violent orgasm.  But, she did not have permission to climax, so in round two, Johnny gives her a good flogging and then brings her down from her restraint position and instructs her to suck his cock in front of the audience.  Now good and hard, he lays down and she mounts him for a very athletic sex act with her in “reverse cowgirl” position which opens her up for all eyes to see all of her throbbing bits and pieces! After mutual hard orgasms, Johnny escorts her back to his home dungeon.  A happy ending is had by all!

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