Documentary: “Flogging, Caning and Cropping”

Documentary: “Flogging, Caning and Cropping”
Date Of Production: 08/14/2009
Director: Colin

Zachariah gives an introductory chat about the tools used in bdsm impact play, along with practical tips and safety information. Note: Caning can be VERY dangerous and result in severe injury Always take a live course in this sort of activity from an experienced practitioner in your community before attempting to try it out yourself.

Director’s Note: As Wasteland is not only a BDSM video site, but also an educational and networking site for the BDSM community since 1994, we always take advantage of the skills and expertise that our cast brings to the set and do mini-demonstrations of their craft for our members’ enjoyment and skills development. This is an example of one of these, featuring lifestyle player, Zachariah, who comes to us with a wealth of experience, creativity, humor and passion.

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