Behind The Scenes Feature: Wasteland FX Studio

Behind The Scenes Feature: Wasteland FX Studio
Date Of Production: 08/14/2009
Director: Simon

Take a rare, private look inside Wasteland’s Editing Suite for a glimpse at our Special Effects desk in post-production for our recent BDSM crime thriller, “The Interrogation”. The techno-geek in you will love it. The film afficiano in you will find it quite remarkable that anyone takes this much time and care in creating BDSM original movies!

Director’s Note: It’s rather unusual for a BDSM video producer to have a full editing suite, complete with a Special Effects department, so a little explanation may be in order. In addition to filming Wasteland BDSM original films since the 1990’s, our company has also produced, shot and edited a number of full-length feature films such as “Succubus”, “The Diary” and a large number of full length historic spanking and domestic discipline movies for our “Spanking Epics” division. These type of large budget productions, over the course of time, resulted in our editing staff developing cutting edge Fx skills, taking courses with the mentors at Dreamworks, Pixar and other mainstream companies. The results are quite pleasing as, in addition to producing BDSM content films for internet, we take the time and care to add special effects, professional soundtracks and other mainstream film features that we feel raise Wasteland’s production quality a notch above the rest of the industry!

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