The Balls Of St. Mary’s

Trailer for our BDSM Film, “The Balls Of St. Mary’s”
Date Of Production: 10/02/2009
Director: Colin

Father John isn’t your typical priest, he believes that a little pain is required when saying one’s prayers. Poor Sister Mary Margaret happens to be saying her daily prayers as Father John saunters into the chapel and he decides to help her in her devotions. He spanks her ass, making it a nice shade of red and then decides to give her his own version of the holy sacraments, shoving his cock deep into her throat and shooting his load into her mouth. A little later he happens upon her again but this time came better prepared with a large wooden phallus. Dripping hot wax onto her perky ass, spanking the wax off of her and forcing her to fuck the wooden cock, Father John has done his job and walks away without a word.
16 Minute Run Time

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