Irony’s Bucket Of Ice

Trailer for our BDSM Film, “Irony’s Bucket of Ice”
Date Of Production: 12/25/2009
Director: Colin

Daisy Duxe is back at Wasteland once again to learn how to be more submissive. Oh course the only Dom who can really dominate poor slutty Daisy is Mistress Irony. Although Daisy has a lot of courage at first and even rolls her eyes at her Mistress she soon learns that Irony mean business as soon as the flogger made out of chains is brought out as well as a zapper. You’ve never heard Daisy in pain until you hear her scream both a mixture of pain and pleasure as Mistress Irony (a favorite) makes her have multiple orgasms while forcing her to hold up a bucket of ice with her teeth. Ahh poor Daisy had no idea the tortures she was about to endure when she first laid eyes on Irony already all tied up for her. Perhaps if she had known she would have been more compliant at the very beginning of this hardcore bondage session!
16 Minute Run Time

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