Trailer “Starla Punishes An Uptown Girl”

Trailer for our BDSM Film, “Starla Punishes An Uptown Girl”
Date Of Production: 01/20/11
Director: Colin

When slaves misbehave they must be punished! When one of Goddess Starla’s slaves misbehave, they better be prepared for an intense, flesh pounding experience that will change them forever. Trisha Uptown is usually on her best behavior but this time she has slipped up big time. Goddess Starla who has never been known to be light of hand or lenient, dishes out a whole cavalcade of punishment onto Trisha that rocks her world so bad that she is walking sideways all the way home. Fucking Machines, paddling, hot wax, cupping, humiliation and more in this weeks update – Starla Punishes An Uptown Girl!
17 Minute Run Time

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