Irony’s House Of Wax

Trailer for our BDSM Film, “Irony’s House Of Wax”
Date Of Production: 03/17/11
Director: Colin

Wasteland welcomes Mistress Irony back to our dungeon and as a little show of appreciation, we supplied her with our little screamer – Giselle. There is no better way to get a slave screaming than hot, molten wax and Mistress Irony lays it on thick as she torments Giselle with a non-stop onslaught of the stuff. Giselle finds herself strapped to a wooden pallet on the cold unforgiving floor of our dungeon with candles lit and hanging just above her exposed and naked body. Mistress Irony circles her little slut like a sex crazed cougar ready to pounce in an instant as Giselle writhes and squirms under the unrelenting hot wax rain shower. Can Giselle please her mistress or will she become the next attraction in – Irony’s House of Wax.
17 Minute Run Time

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