The Girl With The Dirty Feet

Trailer for our BDSM Film, “The Girl With Dirty Feet
Date Of Production: 06/01/11
Director: Colin

Master Jonny is beside himself, a new slave has dared to enter his dungeon with dirty feet. He restrains her with hemp rope, sighs in disgust and slaps the girls face, hard. In fact he slaps her face, her breasts and her pussy and to his amusement, she asks for more. NEVER has Master been asked for more. Sometimes, more is not a good thing, especially when Master’s favorite instrument is the cane. You see Master is a bit, shall we say, heavy handed.

A severe caning is not the only think in store for Cheri today, as Jonny gets creative with hot wax, rubber bands, electro-stimulation, flogging and some good old fashioned humiliation. Master is not all about cruelty, after all he does make his femme du jour cum.

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