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FemDom Movie Release: The Mistress’s Birthday Party

It’s 12/12/12 and Mistress Irony’s Birthday (born at 12:12am – what a great set of numbers!). Her loving and devoted slave, Ava, didn’t exactly forget it, but waited until the very last minute to plan her day. The results were disastrous. We’re not going to tell you what happens. We don’t want to spoil it for you. You will just have to watch and see.

MaleDom/femsub BDSM Movie Release: Expanding One’s Education

There has to be more to life then teasing men, a lot more. It’s a lesson that Master David Lawrence has been trying to teach Nyssa for a very long time. Unfortunately his efforts have proved fruitless. Insisting that she can do better, that she can learn and quench her desires, David sets forth on what he hopes will teach Nyssa the lesson she so desperately needs.

FemDom Movie Release: Headmistress’s Discipline

When Sicilia is sent to the Headmistress’s office, she knows she really pushed it to far. The Headmistress had a reputation of being strict to the point of cruelty. The girls whispered among themselves how much she seemed to love dishing out punishments for even the slightest infraction. The sounds of the cane hitting bare flesh and the cries would echo through the dark hallways. Yet why was there also an equal amount of moaning, why did the girls always leave with their cheeks flushed and a slight smile playing upon their lips.

BDSM Feature Trailer: What Lies Beneath

Jada loves the smell of leather and bright shiny things. So what better what to spend the afternoon then to put her favorite sub into a leather straitjacket and secure her to the ceiling with a bright shiny chain. The scene is intoxicating… In fact the only thing Jada likes better is pussy. Jada love’s pussy play and today she decides to really get down and dirty, exploring the heart of the matter.

MaleDom/femsub Movie Release: Gia’s Desire

Trailer from our new BDSM Film, “Gia’s Desire”
Date Of Production: 9/14/2012

Starring Master David Lawrence and Gia

Gia is bound and determined not to make a sound. Not to cry out in pain, or pleasure. She was determined not to count her strikes, or beg for an orgasm. The only sounds that escaped her lips was “Yes Sir”. Of course Master David takes this as a challenge and as soon as he discovers that Gia is wet, very wet, he used her desires against her.


Male Domination Movie Release: Detention

Trailer for our new BDSM Film, “Reality Bites Me”
Date Of Production: 9/04/2012

Starring Master David Lawrence and Nyssa

Nyssa is in trouble again, it’s just one blunder after the other. Dressing inappropriately, even suggestively. The Dean is exasperated with her behavior and certainly does not understand it. After all College is for higher learning and not to pick up boys. Ah, yes….boys, how Nyssa loves men and she wants all their favors. Today however is different. Dean Lawrence is sure he has developed a punishment that is sure to fit the crime.