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BDSM Trailer: The Slave Who Talked Too Much

Featurette for our upcoming BDSM Film, “The Slave Who Talked Too Much”
Date Of Production: 12/07/11

“I don’t want to hear anything but numbers from you”, Master Eric stated firmly. What numbers Ava thought to herself quietly. It all became apparent very quickly, as Master chained her securely to a large box, her clit pushed firmly up against a vibrating magic wand. “I want you to count all your orgasms clearly. If I don’t hear you, you get punished.” Poor Ava, does the number of her orgasms exceed her punishments. Watch and find out.



The Human Fucking Machine

Trailer for our BDSM Film, “The Human Fucking Machine
Date Of Production: 11/04/11

When Goddess Starla finds out that her slave broke her fucking machine, she is beyond herself. She can’t understand how Ava could be so inconsiderate, so thoughtless and so careless. After a sound punishment, Starla decides that Ava has to live with the consequences of her actions and turn her into a living fucking machine.


The Goddess, The Slave and The Whip

Trailer for our BDSM Film, “The Goddess, The Slave and The Whip
Date Of Production: 10/05/11

It was a warm sunny afternoon when Starla wandered into the store, the smell of leather filled her senses. “How much” she asked the clerk at the counter, pointing at a beautiful handmade black and red single tail. She didn’t even flinch when she heard the price. Instead she handed over her credit card, her mind already planning the scene with her slave and new weapon.

“Stop fucking squirming” she demanded of Ava, who is restrained to the ceiling, hollering with every flick of the whip. Ava bites down on her lip, trying to hold back the screams of pain, in order to please her Goddess. The motto here is NEVER PISS OFF GODDESS STARLA, who is so annoyed at her slave she decides to show her the true definition of pain and humiliation.


Two Doms and a sub

Trailer for our BDSM Film, “Two Doms and a sub
Date Of Production: 09/3/11
Director: Colin

Bored of playing with his sub alone, Eric X decides to invite a friend with a cruel streak over to help him liven up the afternoon. Enter Mistress Jada. After a stellar flogging, Mistress Jada gives Ava a good hard fucking, but Eric has another surprise in mind.


The Silent Tormentor

Trailer for our BDSM Film, “The Silent Tormentor
Date Of Production: 07/01/11
Director: Colin

Ava finds herself once again in a precarious situation. Placed on a plank of wood, legs tied apart, her arms immobilized she has no choice but to submit to Masters manipulations of her body. Moving quickly between extreme pain and pleasure Master is able to give Ava such an intense orgasm that she squirts on his dungeon floor.


The Good Bitch

Trailer for our BDSM Film, “The Good Bitch
Date Of Production: 06/20/11
Director: Colin

Eric X was happy with his new acquisition. Her tail was long and beautiful, she was, for the most part obedient and she certainly had a beautiful ass, especially when it was covered in bruises and marks from his handiwork. Eric decided, that maybe he should show Bitch exactly what would happen to her if she ever decided to disobey. Eric does not tolerate disobedience or petulance very well and he just wanted to make sure Bitch knew the consequences of all her actions.