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FemDom BDSM Movie Release: The Neglected Slave

Trailer for our new BDSM Film, “The Neglected Slave”
Date Of Production: 6/18/2012

Starring Mistress Irony and Ava

Ava is down right depressed. She adores her Mistress and lately Irony has had no time for her. No time to train her, punishment her, discipline her and Ava is a lost soul. From the lonely solitude of her cell, she here’s her name being called and she crawls to her Mistress with one thought in mind, to please. She will do anything to be in her good graces again, including humiliating herself. Irony can see where this is going and takes full advantage of Ava, allowing her to “entertain” her in every aspect of the word.


BDSM FemDom Movie: The Mistress’ Pleasure

Trailer for our new BDSM Film, “The Mistress’ Pleasure”
Date Of Production: 3/21/12

Mistress was in an exceptionally good mood. The sun was warm against her skin as she closed her eyes for a moment and listened to her surroundings. She felt so peaceful. Then the unthinkable happened. The interruption wasn’t bad, after all Jada was one of her favorites and the news she brought was wonderful. Her package had arrived! It was the insolence and disobedience that was completely unacceptable. Mistress was truly fond of Jada, but this was for her own good. All the punishments that Mistress dished out were always for their own good. At least that’s what she told them. Regardless, Jada unknowingly , irked her Mistresses and she was now going to pay dearly for it.


A Montreal Lezdom Weekend

Trailer for our BDSM Film, “A Montreal Lezdom Weekend”
Date Of Production: 01/01/2010
Director: Colin

Our weekend visiting Goddess Starla proved to be more exciting than we had though possible when her slave Ava came over again for yet another hardcore lezdom session. Starla starts off my spreading her slutty slave on a padded saw horse forcing her to demonstrate just how good her cock sucking skills have gotten and forcing her to orgasm while holding the dildo in her mouth. Unfortunately for Ava, she not only cums without permission but also drops the rubbery cock as her orgasmic screams escape her lips. Goddess Starla apparently has a weak spot for her favorite pathetic pet and as a punishment she tortures Ava’s ass until it’s a beautiful shade of red. She also takes out her magic wand with a dildo attachment and gets Ava to get her off to prove that she’s worth keeping around.
17 Minute Run Time


Spread Wide Open

Trailer for our BDSM Film, “Spread Wide Open”
Date Of Production: 10/30/2009
Director: Colin

Goddess Starla paid us a visit in order to enjoy some quality time with her slave Ava. Shackled up to a spread bar and put on her back, Ava’s legs and pussy were spread wide, nice and open for whatever Goddess Starla wanted to do to her. And you can be sure that Starla had nothing but sadomasochistic things in mind for Ava as she crops her inner thighs, pours burning hot wax over her chest and legs, fucks her tight pussy with a strapon and makes the poor little slutty slave scream in the throws of the pleasure and pain that are being inflicted on her! Equipped with a magic wand and a large strapon dildo, Goddess Starla takes Ava for a ride that she’ll never forget, fully taking advantage of Ava’s vulnerable position as she lies there, spread wide open.
16 Minute Run Time


The Blushing Rose

Trailer for our BDSM Film, “The Blushing Rose”
Date Of Production: 10/09/2009
Director: Colin

It’s hard times for our delicate little Rose as she finds herself caught between two sadistic pain masters. Zachariah and Violet are doing their very best to break this fine young filly. So the night begins with a tendering of Rose’s subtle little ass using the usual suspects; a firm hand, an unforgiving wooden paddle and the very popular leather riding crop. Her ass is nice and pink but Violet has much more in store for her. She kneels down and uses her angry tongue on Rose’s tender clit while Zachariah continues to spank and tweak Rose’s erect nipples bringing her to her first dripping orgasm. Oh but how the fun continues as Violet stands triumphantly before Rose with her nine inch rubber cock in hand. Rose gets on her knees and reluctantly swallows the whole thing as Zachariah eats her pussy and excites her with a magic wand of his own. Think that’s it? Think again as Violet slides her cock deep into Roses swollen pussy and fucks her too an orgasmic cum dripping end!
15 Minute Run Time


Documentary: “Flogging, Caning and Cropping”

Documentary: “Flogging, Caning and Cropping”
Date Of Production: 08/14/2009
Director: Colin

Zachariah gives an introductory chat about the tools used in bdsm impact play, along with practical tips and safety information. Note: Caning can be VERY dangerous and result in severe injury Always take a live course in this sort of activity from an experienced practitioner in your community before attempting to try it out yourself.

Director’s Note: As Wasteland is not only a BDSM video site, but also an educational and networking site for the BDSM community since 1994, we always take advantage of the skills and expertise that our cast brings to the set and do mini-demonstrations of their craft for our members’ enjoyment and skills development. This is an example of one of these, featuring lifestyle player, Zachariah, who comes to us with a wealth of experience, creativity, humor and passion.