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“Schoolmaster’s Revenge” Deleted Scene #1

Deleted scene from our original movie, “Schoolmaster’s Revenge”, available on DVD from Spanking Epics.
Date Of Production: 06/18/2004
Director: Colin

Plot Synopsis: This movie, set in late 19th Century Virginia with authentic sets and costumes, starts out with spanking – and doesn’t let up. In the very first scene, when the young teacher candidates are confronted with cheating on a test, Mr. Johnson makes it clear that they have a straightforward choice: expulsion or spanking. This is not a very pleasant decision for our eighteen year old young ladies, who consider themselves “all grown up.” But they want to be teachers very badly, so they chose the spankings.

Director’s Note: Another feature film in our “Spanking Epics”library, “Schoolmaster’s Revenge” was a complex film to produce involving a major script, 5 principal actors, historic sets and furniture (including a 500 pound cast iron stove that we hauled it!) and multiple location to shoot within the allocated 7 days of principal photography.  I was very happy with the results of this project.  The acting was very good, the spanking, flogging and strapping was intense, and the final cut of the film is fast-paced and compelling.