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FemDom Movie: Slave In Training

Trailer for our new BDSM Film, “Slave In Training”
Date Of Production: 4/08/12

Leileyn wants nothing more then to please her Mistress, but she is new at this and must be taught all the “in’s and out’s”, so to speak. The problem with Leileyn, is that there is a little piece of her that is a total rebel! So how can these two distinctly different parts of her personality meld together to make perfect slave. It’s s good thing Leileyn is in the expert hands of the experienced and beautiful Mistress Jada.
12 Minute Run Time


Video: The Submissive With The Dragon Tattoo

Trailer for our new BDSM Film, “The Submissive With The Dragon Tattoo”
Date Of Production: 3/30/12

Mistresses Bella has decided that Twenty needs a little refresher course on the fine art of being sexy and listening to ones Mistress. Twenty is a bit rusty and when she gets cocky with Bella she is quickly disciplined and put in her spot. Mistress has never tolerated insolence and certainly will not start now. Even though Bella rules with an iron fist, she also know how to reward good behavior.


BDSM FemDom Movie: The Mistress’ Pleasure

Trailer for our new BDSM Film, “The Mistress’ Pleasure”
Date Of Production: 3/21/12

Mistress was in an exceptionally good mood. The sun was warm against her skin as she closed her eyes for a moment and listened to her surroundings. She felt so peaceful. Then the unthinkable happened. The interruption wasn’t bad, after all Jada was one of her favorites and the news she brought was wonderful. Her package had arrived! It was the insolence and disobedience that was completely unacceptable. Mistress was truly fond of Jada, but this was for her own good. All the punishments that Mistress dished out were always for their own good. At least that’s what she told them. Regardless, Jada unknowingly , irked her Mistresses and she was now going to pay dearly for it.


Training Ava

Trailer for our BDSM Film, “Training Ava”
Date Of Production: 04/29/11
Director: Colin

Master Rob is disgusted by his little slave Ava who has trouble remembering her place. He knows only one way to get her back in line and this time it’s going to painful. Ava squirms as her hogtied body is splashed with molten hot wax. She would scream for help but with a huge dildo shoved down her throat no one would hear her. Her pink flesh is branded with the word “Slut” as hit after shuddering hit marks her a deep red. Will Master Rob end this session with some loving touches or will Ava be pushed beyond her limits in this weeks update – Training Ava!
10 Minute Run Time

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Cheri Goes All The Way

Trailer for our BDSM Film, “Cheri Goes All The Way”
Date Of Production: 04/22/11
Director: Colin

Cheri has proven in the past to be one of our favorite pain sluts and in this weeks installment she doesn’t disappoint. Strapped to a splinter laden rack with her pussy exposed Cheri lies in wait for what is sure to be an experience she will never forget. Jonny begins with some heavy impact play using a flogger, riding crop and paddle. He moves on to some hot wax then gets down and dirty and vigorously fingers her tight hole until she cums hard. Her tolerance for pain and her willingness to please makes Cheri one of our most desirable subs.
12 Minute Run Time


A Lesson Learned

Trailer for our BDSM Film, “A Lesson Learned”
Date Of Production: 03/25/11
Director: Colin

Master Rob Gadling is quite displeased with his little slut Ava. The only way to rectify this situation is with a heavy hand, some scorching hot wax and a whole lot of impact play. Ava struggles relentlessly under Master Rob’s stinging flogger which only serves to upset him further. With each flesh rippling blow he ramps up the pain factor until Ava is begging for mercy. There is no way to know if Ava will ever become the well mannered obedient slave she was meant to be…but she sure does try in this weeks update – A Lesson Learned.
16 Minute Run Time