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BDSM FemDom Movie: The Mistress’ Pleasure

Trailer for our new BDSM Film, “The Mistress’ Pleasure”
Date Of Production: 3/21/12

Mistress was in an exceptionally good mood. The sun was warm against her skin as she closed her eyes for a moment and listened to her surroundings. She felt so peaceful. Then the unthinkable happened. The interruption wasn’t bad, after all Jada was one of her favorites and the news she brought was wonderful. Her package had arrived! It was the insolence and disobedience that was completely unacceptable. Mistress was truly fond of Jada, but this was for her own good. All the punishments that Mistress dished out were always for their own good. At least that’s what she told them. Regardless, Jada unknowingly , irked her Mistresses and she was now going to pay dearly for it.


BDSM Movie Trailer: Loaded Dice

Trailer for our new BDSM Film, “Loaded Dice”
Date Of Production: 2/8/12

Step into the past with us and take a peek into the warped world of Betty and her neighbor. A perfect idealistic place. A place where the women have perfect hair, perfect cloths and perfect manners. All of which are held in the highest regard. A simpler time, where the men worked and the women stayed home and played “games” …. Naughty games. So how far will these ladies go? Step into our world of perversion and find out for yourself.


The Possession of Raggedy Ann

Trailer for our new BDSM Film, “The Possession of Raggedy Ann”
Date Of Production: 2/8/12

Everyone has two sides, so they say and Goddess Starla is no exception. Usually Starla shows a tad of empathy, but today nothing. She has dressed herself up to be playful and sweet, but her heart is cold and the once sympathetic Goddess is gone. A true illusion for Ava. This was not what she expected. Goddess has never ripped her cloths off before, Goddess has never been so cruel and unforgiving.


FemDom Trailer: The Mirror Has Two Faces

Trailer for our new BDSM Film, “The Mirror Has Two Faces”
Date Of Production: 12/26/11

Goddess is furious, “You’re a fucking whore” she yells out. Just to prove her point, she makes poor Madison kneel over a mirror and demands that she looks at her “slutty self.” To make sure that Madison truly gets the message Goddess gives her a harsh punishment while marking her body with her lipstick. Every aspect of Madison, her mind and her body will be hers.



The Human Fucking Machine

Trailer for our BDSM Film, “The Human Fucking Machine
Date Of Production: 11/04/11

When Goddess Starla finds out that her slave broke her fucking machine, she is beyond herself. She can’t understand how Ava could be so inconsiderate, so thoughtless and so careless. After a sound punishment, Starla decides that Ava has to live with the consequences of her actions and turn her into a living fucking machine.


The Goddess, The Slave and The Whip

Trailer for our BDSM Film, “The Goddess, The Slave and The Whip
Date Of Production: 10/05/11

It was a warm sunny afternoon when Starla wandered into the store, the smell of leather filled her senses. “How much” she asked the clerk at the counter, pointing at a beautiful handmade black and red single tail. She didn’t even flinch when she heard the price. Instead she handed over her credit card, her mind already planning the scene with her slave and new weapon.

“Stop fucking squirming” she demanded of Ava, who is restrained to the ceiling, hollering with every flick of the whip. Ava bites down on her lip, trying to hold back the screams of pain, in order to please her Goddess. The motto here is NEVER PISS OFF GODDESS STARLA, who is so annoyed at her slave she decides to show her the true definition of pain and humiliation.