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Featurette: “On The Hook” With Jada Sinn and Leila Hazlet

Featurette for our upcoming BDSM Film, “On The Hook
Date Of Production: 12/01/11

One of the fun things we occasionally do at Wasteland is to feature BDSM gear and toys from artisans in the Bondage Community. In this film, we spotlight the incredible craftmanship of “Blue Diamond Trading Company” who were kind enough to send us a collection of their amazing stainless steel anal hooks for use in our films.  Their prices are excellent and we highly recommend them the next time you are shopping for “metal” for your BDSM gear collection!

In this intentionally “campy” featurette, Jada and Leila have a go at using one of the larger hooks that seem to immediately get Leila’s undivided attention!


Mistresses New Toys

Trailer for our BDSM Film, “Mistresses New Toys
Date Of Production: 11/014/11

The holidays are coming, but Mistresses could not wait, after all she did have to give all her new toys, especially the Kink Lab Neon Wand a “test run”. So who was the best candidate for testing? Her favorite slave, Leila. Mistresses mood was light and playful, but it very quickly took a turn and became dark and serious. Poor Leila, this was not what she was expecting and when she starts to become whinny, Mistresses pet peeve, she soon decides to use her new toys to dish-out the harsh punishment befitting the crime.

[ed. We at Wasteland LOVE and highly endorse the new KinkLab Neon Wand. Want to get one of your own just in time for the holidays? Click HERE to get yours now! ]


Higher Learning

Trailer for our BDSM Film, “Higher Learning
Date Of Production: 10/28/11

Class is now in session. A new school year finds “Head” Mistress Jada welcoming her new students. Mistress Jada runs a tight ship and everyone must be dressed appropriately and respectfully. They must display respect to not only each other, but specifically their Headmistress. Todays lesson is the fine art of fellatio. First however, Jada demonstrate the punishment if the job in not done to her satisfaction.


Two Doms and a sub

Trailer for our BDSM Film, “Two Doms and a sub
Date Of Production: 09/3/11
Director: Colin

Bored of playing with his sub alone, Eric X decides to invite a friend with a cruel streak over to help him liven up the afternoon. Enter Mistress Jada. After a stellar flogging, Mistress Jada gives Ava a good hard fucking, but Eric has another surprise in mind.


Tickle Me Blue

Trailer for our BDSM Film, “Tickle Me Blue
Date Of Production: 07/27/11
Director: Colin

Leila once again finds herself in a precarious situation. Bound in inescapable bondage, she finds herself completely at Mistress Jada’s mercy. Her helpless body is poked and prodded relentlessly leaving no part of her spared. Her humiliation is unbearable as she twists and turns screaming for help, her cries falling on deaf ears.


Leila’s Fire and Ice Experience

Trailer for our BDSM Film, “Leila’s Fire and Ice Experience
Date Of Production: 05/24/11
Director: Colin

Leila once again finds herself in a comprising position, this time with Mistress Jada Sinn. Legs chained apart, her body securely retrained in a leather straight jacket, Leila truly is at the mercy of Mistress. Jada takes great pleasure in teasing, playing and tormenting Leila’s body. Hot wax, freezing cold ice and water, pussy torture, encasement, could it get any worst? YES! you don’t want to miss Mistresses, grand finale!