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BDSM Feature Trailer: What Lies Beneath

Jada loves the smell of leather and bright shiny things. So what better what to spend the afternoon then to put her favorite sub into a leather straitjacket and secure her to the ceiling with a bright shiny chain. The scene is intoxicating… In fact the only thing Jada likes better is pussy. Jada love’s pussy play and today she decides to really get down and dirty, exploring the heart of the matter.

Lesbian Bondage Movie Release: The Mistress’ Manor

Trailer for our new BDSM Film, “The Mistress’ Manor”
Date Of Production: 8/15/2012

Starring Mistress Irony and Leila Hazlett

When living in the Mistresses’ house, you must obey Mistresses’ Rules. This is far easier said then done. You see The Mistress is a perfectionist and you must do everything perfect, the first time. Today Mistress feels that she needs some attention, worship actually, to be more precise. She has demanded of slave Leila that she show her how much she appreciates her. Leila’s reward for doing it correctly? She will have the great honour of making her Mistress cum. If she does it wrong? You’ll have to watch and see.


FemDom BDSM Movie: Decisions Can Be A Pain In The Ass

Trailer for our new BDSM Film, “Decisions Can Be A Pain In The Ass”
Date Of Production: 6/1/2012

Starring Mistress Jada Sinn and Leila

You’ve all heard the old expression,, “My eyes are bigger then my stomach”, well, Leila has redefined that a bit. When asked by Mistress Jada what toys or instruments she would like to incorporate into her next scene, Mistress was shocked by what she heard, or rather saw. There was her favorite petite sub proudly displaying a number of toys and a very large anal hook. In fact Mistress was very leery about even using it and questioned her sub repeatedly about her decision. Well, Leila stuck to her guns and insisted that she wanted to try it and Mistress never disappoints.


BDSM Trailer: The Dom In White

Trailer for our new BDSM Film, “The Dom In White”
Date Of Production: 1/23/12

The silence was unbearable, all you could hear was the sound of tape being ripped from the roll and soggily wrapped around Leila’s limbs. The look of fear in her face, was startling. Without warning the boiling wax was poured over her white supple skin, her screams permeated the dungeon. Her tormentor was skilled and Leila’s body quivered from her perverse manipulation of both pain and pleasure.


Featurette: “On The Hook” With Jada Sinn and Leila Hazlet

Featurette for our upcoming BDSM Film, “On The Hook
Date Of Production: 12/01/11

One of the fun things we occasionally do at Wasteland is to feature BDSM gear and toys from artisans in the Bondage Community. In this film, we spotlight the incredible craftmanship of “Blue Diamond Trading Company” who were kind enough to send us a collection of their amazing stainless steel anal hooks for use in our films.  Their prices are excellent and we highly recommend them the next time you are shopping for “metal” for your BDSM gear collection!

In this intentionally “campy” featurette, Jada and Leila have a go at using one of the larger hooks that seem to immediately get Leila’s undivided attention!


Mistresses New Toys

Trailer for our BDSM Film, “Mistresses New Toys
Date Of Production: 11/014/11

The holidays are coming, but Mistresses could not wait, after all she did have to give all her new toys, especially the Kink Lab Neon Wand a “test run”. So who was the best candidate for testing? Her favorite slave, Leila. Mistresses mood was light and playful, but it very quickly took a turn and became dark and serious. Poor Leila, this was not what she was expecting and when she starts to become whinny, Mistresses pet peeve, she soon decides to use her new toys to dish-out the harsh punishment befitting the crime.

[ed. We at Wasteland LOVE and highly endorse the new KinkLab Neon Wand. Want to get one of your own just in time for the holidays? Click HERE to get yours now! ]