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Male Domination Film Release: This Side Of Paradise

Trailer for our new BDSM Film, “This Side Of Paradise”
Date Of Production: 8/25/2012

Starring Eric X and Leileyn

We join Master Eric X as he plays with his favorite sub Leileyn. Laying on her back, legs chained behind her, leaves Leileyn completely exposed to Eric’s expert manipulations. Our usually petulant girl seems just a tad subdued today. How she loves to have her pussy spanked, asking for more and more, so what does Eric do? move… leaving her pussy aching for more. Leileyn is so turned on, her juices are dripping down her leg in anticipation of the orgasm she is sure she will get. After all, she has been exceptionally good, right?


MaleDom/femsub BDSM Movie Trailer: Pushing Her Boundaries

Trailer for our new BDSM Film, “Pushing Her Boundaries”
Date Of Production: 5/21/12

Starring Master Eric X and Leilyn

Leileyn continues her lessons with Master Eric X. We all saw the transition from pouty to petulant and only under the strict guidance of Master has Leileyn been able to move forward. Today however, she has another surprise for her beloved Master, one that is bound to get into trouble. She can’t stop smiling and laughing. She is pushing on the boundaries to see just how far she can take it. She is testing the proverbial waters. She is not going to like the outcome.


FemDom Movie: Slave In Training

Trailer for our new BDSM Film, “Slave In Training”
Date Of Production: 4/08/12

Leileyn wants nothing more then to please her Mistress, but she is new at this and must be taught all the “in’s and out’s”, so to speak. The problem with Leileyn, is that there is a little piece of her that is a total rebel! So how can these two distinctly different parts of her personality meld together to make perfect slave. It’s s good thing Leileyn is in the expert hands of the experienced and beautiful Mistress Jada.
12 Minute Run Time


BDSM Movie Trailer: The Torment of Leileyn’s Pussy

Trailer for our new BDSM Film, “The Torment of Leileyn’s Pussy”
Date Of Production: 3/17/12

Master loves Leileyn’s pussy. The way her body responds to the pain he inflicts. The way she quivers and how very wet and swollen her pussy gets when he delivers pleasure. Master has decided that for today, Leileyn will be his favorite slave and he’s going to see just how far he can push her. He secures her tightly to the bench, her bottom lips starts to quiver, her eyes open wide and she waits, waits for the games to begin.


BDSM Trailer: Bitch On A Box

Trailer for our new BDSM Film, “Bitch On A Box”
Date Of Production: 1/18/12

Master Eric X loves Leileyn’s tight ass and pussy. He loves how hard she cums and he knows just how to delivery those orgasms. After a good sound flogging, Leileyn is so wet, she is begging for relief. She starts to squirm for just a little bit of pleasure, but Master has something very different in mind. He teases her, switching between pain and pleasure until she is screaming “yes, yes” and he allows her to achieve a mind blowing, body shaking orgasm.


The Cheeky Slave

Trailer for our BDSM Film, “The Cheeky Slave
Date Of Production: 09/22/11

New comer Leileyn needs to learn many lessons. We decided that a weekend in Eric X’s dungeon was the best place to start. Under his expert tutelage Leileyn learns the true definition of pain, pleasure and most importantly discipline and respect.