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Trailer #2: “Into The Mist” BDSM TV Series, Season 1

Trailer: “Into The Mist”, Trailer #2
Date Of Production: 07/24/2006
Director: Wasteland Jack (Colin’s Evil Twin)

From the 2007 Wasteland / PinkTV 9-part TV series, “Into The Mist”. All 9 episodes are available for viewing exclusively at

About “Into The Mist”: While the focus at Wasteland has always been staying one step ahead and keeping the site fresh with daily and weekly updates as well as new creative productions, we teamed up with Pink TV to create the world’s first 9 episode hardcore adult BDSM soap opera. The show entitled, “Into the Mist,” is a dominance themed erotic weekly drama series, with supernatural undertones. Pink TV worked with Wasteland due to our company’s long-standing reputation of providing top quality dominance themed content to adult consumers. Bethanie wrote the show and worked on set as an acting coach and script supervisor. Wasteland`s own Jack Hemingway directed the show and Pink TV provided a 10-man crew from its Miami based production crew and handled all the post production at its facilities in Prague, Czech Republic. The series was shot at the same Coconut Grove estate where the famous 1972 porn film “Deep Throat™” was filmed (during a hurricane, but that`s another story).

“Starring porn-star notables, Dale DaBone, Lezley Zenn, and Veronika Raquel the show sets new standards in the industry,” touts Pink TV founder Jan Verleur, and executive producer of the show, “The sex is super hot, paired with tightly interwoven plot twists and compelling characters that makes “Into The Mist” a real winner. Like so many other projects we have going right now, “Into The Mist” offers the adult consumer a hybrid mix of mainstream dramatic TV together with the sexiness of hardcore erotica. I am very excited to partner with the Wasteland team—in fact; we are already planning the 2nd series to be shot in Eastern Europe this summer.