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Trailer “Leslie is in Trouble Again!”

Trailer for our BDSM Film, “Leslie is in Trouble Again!”
Date Of Production: 11/09/2010
Director: Colin

Leslie is a hard cookie to crack! She’s back for the third and final time and Tony DeSergio has lost all of his patience with her. He has never had such a defiant and unruly slut take everything he can dish out, and still come back for more. It’s time to break out the big guns, and Leslie isn’t going to be back after Tony is done with her this time. Flogging, paddling, the Wooden Horse torture and ATM! Leslie is going to wish she stayed home and not become part of this weeks update.
15 Minute Run Time


Punishment Incorporated – Leslie

Trailer for our BDSM Film, “Punishment Incorporated – Leslie”
Date Of Production: 05/13/2010
Director: Colin

Too fast, too cute and way too belligerent! Leslie has quite a mouth on her and she knows how to use it. First she tells off the cops explaining in detail where they can shove their speeding tickets. Then she goes after the judge, who slaps a hefty little community judgment on her. She is sent to see Tony DeSergio at Punishment Incorporated. Tony has his own way of doing things. With all his implements laid out he quickly goes to work on this foul mouthed tramp. Tons of flogging, a hard-core mouth reaming while strapped in an arm-binder, intense pussy stretching sex with an anal ending. What more could you want?
23 Minute Run Time