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Lesbian Bondage Movie Release: The Mistress’ Manor

Trailer for our new BDSM Film, “The Mistress’ Manor”
Date Of Production: 8/15/2012

Starring Mistress Irony and Leila Hazlett

When living in the Mistresses’ house, you must obey Mistresses’ Rules. This is far easier said then done. You see The Mistress is a perfectionist and you must do everything perfect, the first time. Today Mistress feels that she needs some attention, worship actually, to be more precise. She has demanded of slave Leila that she show her how much she appreciates her. Leila’s reward for doing it correctly? She will have the great honour of making her Mistress cum. If she does it wrong? You’ll have to watch and see.


FemDom BDSM Trailer: Talk Dirty To Me

Trailer for our new BDSM Film, “Talk Dirty To Me”
Date Of Production: 8/05/2012

Starring Mistress Mistress Irony and Giselle

Mistress Irony hates it when her subs dress like sluts. It’s important to her that both her and the girls are viewed in the community with respect. So when Giselle broke the golden rule, Mistress was furious. No matter how many times Giselle promised not to do it again, Irony just does not care. The cries, and pleas for forgiveness. Making bargains she cannot keep, nothing worked. Giselle knew she had no choice but to give in to her Mistresses desires.


Giselle’s Lesson in Posture

Trailer for our new BDSM Film, “Giselle’s Lesson in Posture”
Date Of Production: 1/12/12

Mistress Irony is sick and tired of Giselle’s sloppiness. She just can’t seem to get it right. She slouches, her back is never straight, her ass is never stuck out, but the biggest offense of them all is the fact the Giselle shows Mistress no respect. Her eyes are never downcast, she never pays attention and she never does “her best” at any task asked of her. That is all going to change, today. Mistress is determined to to get this lesson through Giselle’s head. Remember, with every great achievement, there is great pleasure.


Y Me

Trailer for our BDSM Film, “Y Me?
Date Of Production: 07/9/11
Director: Colin

ZAP, Sicilia hears the sound and a millisecond later she felt the electricity shooting up her body. She glanced at Mistress Irony, who was sporting an evil grin. ZAP ZAP, she held back the urge to cry, trying to be a good slave. Sicillia had no option or recourse, she was at the mercy of her Mistress and the pain that was being inflicted upon her body. She knew if she held out, if she “could take it”, there would be pleasure at the end of the road, at least that’s what she hoped for.


Irony’s House Of Wax

Trailer for our BDSM Film, “Irony’s House Of Wax”
Date Of Production: 03/17/11
Director: Colin

Wasteland welcomes Mistress Irony back to our dungeon and as a little show of appreciation, we supplied her with our little screamer – Giselle. There is no better way to get a slave screaming than hot, molten wax and Mistress Irony lays it on thick as she torments Giselle with a non-stop onslaught of the stuff. Giselle finds herself strapped to a wooden pallet on the cold unforgiving floor of our dungeon with candles lit and hanging just above her exposed and naked body. Mistress Irony circles her little slut like a sex crazed cougar ready to pounce in an instant as Giselle writhes and squirms under the unrelenting hot wax rain shower. Can Giselle please her mistress or will she become the next attraction in – Irony’s House of Wax.
17 Minute Run Time


Beta Delta Sigma Mu

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Trailer for our BDSM Film, “Beta Delta Sigma Mu”
Date Of Production: 03/02/2010
Director: Colin

Ever imagine what Mistress Irony was like before she became the cruel Mistress that she is today? You are in luck because Irony decided to give us a glimpse of what her sorority life was like before she became immersed in the BDSM lifestyle. Having always been a stern woman with high expectations of others, it should come to no surprise to us when we see that even then, Mistress Irony would punish others for disobeying her or for their naughty behaviors. College life can be so demanding!
17 Minute Run Time