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Documentary: “The Making Of Succubus”

Documentary: “The Making Of Succubus” (17 Minutes Duration)
Date Of Production: 08/24/2007
Director: David Pilot

During Wasteland’s filming of our joint production with Evil Motion Pictures of the feature Goth/Porn/Horror film, “Succubus”, we were joined by award-winning mainstream documentary film maker, David Pilot (“Saving Manhattan”) from NYC who spent many days on location with us filming the creation of this film.  Shooting on vintage wind-up film cameras in 25 degree (farenheit) cold weather with these ancient cameras was a bit tricky (they kept literally freezing up), but, beyond all obstacles, David and his crew managed to capture the essence of this remarkable project, its cast and crew.  This is the documentary which he created for the DVD release, and it is the seed project for a larger work he is creating for cable and satellite television and  release.  The full DVD is available from Evil Motion Pictures and Wasteland.