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FemDom Movie Release: Headmistress’s Discipline

When Sicilia is sent to the Headmistress’s office, she knows she really pushed it to far. The Headmistress had a reputation of being strict to the point of cruelty. The girls whispered among themselves how much she seemed to love dishing out punishments for even the slightest infraction. The sounds of the cane hitting bare flesh and the cries would echo through the dark hallways. Yet why was there also an equal amount of moaning, why did the girls always leave with their cheeks flushed and a slight smile playing upon their lips.

FemDom BDSM Video: The Doctor Is In, Part 1

Trailer for our new BDSM Film, “The Doctor Is In, Part 1”
Date Of Production: 4/23/12

Starring Mistress Irony and Sicilia Ricci

It had been over a year since Sicilia had been to her Doctor. This however, is not just any Doctor, this Doctor takes care of all her Master’s slaves. She makes sure they are healthily and happy. She checks their breasts and nipples to make sure they are sensitive. She checks pain tolerance and how well Sicilia responses to pleasure. How wet she becomes and how well she can hold off having an orgasm. This is an extremely tough situation for her to be in as Siclia loves Medical play. Her challenge will be to not cum as the doctor puts her through her paces. We have a bad feeling she is going to fail miserably.


FemDom Trailer: Have A Seat

Featurette for our new BDSM Film, “Have A Seat”
Date Of Production: 12/14/11

Mistress Irony seems quite taken with her slave, Sicilia. She loves her breasts, butt and she especially loves it when Sicilia spreads her legs wide and exposes herself. Mistress Irony is, shall we say, a kind Mistress with a very naught streak and she exhibits both sides of her personality to her slave as she demands “show me how much of a whore you are”.



I’m Going To Make You Black ‘N Blue

Trailer for our BDSM Film, “I’m Going To Make You Black ‘N Blue
Date Of Production: 09/14/11

Mistress Irony has a new toy. Usually that would mean a new slave to torment, torture and humiliate, but today she’s all excited about her new rack. So what better combination is there then a spanking new rack and the beautiful Sicilia. The goal for the day? To see just what the rack can do and how much Sicilia can take.


Y Me

Trailer for our BDSM Film, “Y Me?
Date Of Production: 07/9/11
Director: Colin

ZAP, Sicilia hears the sound and a millisecond later she felt the electricity shooting up her body. She glanced at Mistress Irony, who was sporting an evil grin. ZAP ZAP, she held back the urge to cry, trying to be a good slave. Sicillia had no option or recourse, she was at the mercy of her Mistress and the pain that was being inflicted upon her body. She knew if she held out, if she “could take it”, there would be pleasure at the end of the road, at least that’s what she hoped for.