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FemDom/femsub Interview: Mistress Irony and Sophie

Behind The Scenes Interview from our new BDSM Film, “First Time Submission”
Date Of Production: 9/09/2012

Starring Mistress Irony and Sophie

A candid, behind-the-scenes interview with Mistress Irony and Sophie after a day of filming on the new Wasteland move, “First Time Submission”


BDSM Movie Trailer: The Evil Within

Trailer for our BDSM Film, “The Evil Within
Date Of Production: 11/014/11

“I have had unclean thoughts” Sister Sophie confuses. “I have also touched myself while thinking these thoughts”, she continues sheepishly. Will ten “Hail Mary’s” and ten “Our Fathers” do the trick? Will that be enough to cleanse and purify Sister Sophie? Mother Mary-Of-Irony thinks not and adds her own flavor of punishment to the mix. She know how to absolve one of their sins and banish evil, literally.